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Gløde – As We Speak

Gløde – As We Speak

The debut single from Hamburg-based 5-piece Gløde has arrived.

‘As We Speak’ is an atmospheric ode to indie folk, in parts melancholy, in other parts jubilant, sweeping you along for the ride.



Lead singer and band founder Simon Glöde has a truly velvety voice, which brings the track to life, while the song as a whole is a stylishly subtle and utterly passionate composition.

Gløde’s unmistakable sound is redolent of many great artists, from Richard Hawley and Coldplay, to Sufjan Stevens and perhaps even Leonard Cohen. We can also detect influences of Elbow, David Gray and Eddie Vedder.

The band describe ‘As We Speak’ as a song that “deals with our own insignificance and the necessity not to lose sight of the ‘Big Picture’. While we are sitting here tending to our more or less banal problems, the world is a beautiful place where something very grandiose will always happen.”

Interestingly, Gløde’s debut album, ‘Ø’ (that’s Danish for ‘island’), was mostly recorded live on an old country estate on the Danish coast. The full album is well worth your time, and you can listen to it all below.


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