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Glenn Lumanta has released his newest single, ‘When Summer Comes Around.’

The Australian-based singer-songwriter, who produces all of his own music in his home studio, last released music on his EP ‘In My Element’ in 2017.

‘When Summer Comes Around’ is a triumphant, mellow return to Lumanta’s YouTube career, which he began in 2007 with covers and original music. However, in 2017 Lumanta was invited to play at Stevie’s House FUll of Toys Charity concert in Los Angeles by Stevie Wonder himself. Lumanta has since garnered more than two million views on his YouTube channel. A nostalgia-provoking, thoughtful tune, ‘When Summer Comes Around’ is sure to resonate with Lumanta’s growing fan base.

Lumanta’s skill on the keyboard and guitar is sculpted as a perfect base to his lyrical composition; the single is at first so calming, thanks to the instrumentalist and producer’s immense musical ability, that it wasn’t until my second time listening through that I felt the weight of his lyrics.

A stunning premonition of what is sure to come with another album in the works, ‘When Summer Comes Around’ proves Glenn Lumanta is here to stay in the international music scene.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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