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Same Girls – Inner Space [Review]

Same Girls – Inner Space [Review]

San Francisco indie rockers Same Girls turn up the volume on their second single with a driving piece of sun-tinged garage rock.

Sounding like a slightly more cleaned up version of the more raw, noisy sound of 80’s alternative rock bands such as Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements, “Inner Space” is a rambunctious track of youthful exuberance clearly showing that, in 2018, guitar music is still alive and kicking.

While noise rock tracks such as this are often guilty of putting the emphasis on ear-splitting distortion over the search for any sort of melody, Same Girls manage to find that all-important balance between the two, with raw, chaotic verses tempered brilliantly by the jangling, iridescent guitar hooks of the quieter bridging sections. The infectious energy of frontman Taifa Nia’s vocals holds the track together, providing the basis for the band to propel the song forward.

Guitar-based music may now be more on the fringes of mainstream music, but with bands like Same Girls constantly emerging, there’ll always be plenty to be excited about for those willing to go out and find it.


Review by Jamie George

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