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Gilad – Annabel Lee [Review]

Gilad – Annabel Lee [Review]

Combining his love for 70’s rock and classic poetry, Gilad Hesseg is back with his newest track Annabel Lee.

His newest album Hidden Flame features compositions ranging from Edgar Allen Poe, Hemmingway, Kipling, and other classic poets.

One thing I can’t help but praise this track for is it’s captivating lead guitar solo and various lead guitar parts throughout. The vocals on the track give off a classic sound, especially when the background vocals appear. ‘Annabel Lee’ boasts plenty of depth and layers and fully feels like a journey from start to finish.

Amidst this journey is a well crafted bridge that is creative while paying homage to the musicians that came before us. Overall the track is well produced and well written. Fans of Queen and Elton john will enjoy this blast to the past.

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