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Between Giants – Colors of Your Mood [Review]

Between Giants – Colors of Your Mood [Review]

Between Giants hit us with a brand new indie-pop track ‘Colours Of Your Mood’.

Between Giants serve upbeat and colorful sounds splashed across synth-central melodies. The atmosphere is joyful, the beats are delightful and the infectious vocals wind their way right into the happiest parts of your brain.

In essence, it’s classic indie pop. Toe-tapping rhythms and major chords galore. But please don’t take that the wrong way, as it’s far from ubiquitous. There’s an overarching charm and distinctive breathless vocals, bringing together rainbow melodies and a modern-day Beach Boys inspired chorus.

Between Giants is the moniker for Tyler John, who says that ‘Colors Of Your Mood’ is a track that he’s been dying to write for a while. And we’re more than glad he finally did.

There’s a certain summertime feel this song, a much needed relief for the winter months. It’s a welcome escape from the mundane, offering lively, carefree harmonies and an unmissable dose of feel-good.


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