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Giant Rooks – New Estate [Review]

Giant Rooks – New Estate [Review]

Emerging from the west side of Germany, Giant Rocks are quickly making a name for themselves as accolades build up along with an infectious art-pop sound acting as credentials for the reason why these guys are destined for greatness…

Since their inception back in 2015, Giant Rocks have gone from strength to strength with awards such as the prestigious popNRW award in 2016, as well as a string of 80 festivals, supporting The Temper Trap, not to mention the 29 date, nine country strong tour.

Each show collecting an army of fans with 19 thousand followers on Facebook alone.

It’s something that you instantly see where the hype comes from as in new track New Estate is a testament to their inevitable rise to greatness. With intricately layered psychedelic vibes subtly provided by synthesiser Jonathan Wischniowski trickled throughout and vocals of frontman Frederik Raven creates a distinctive sound that you feel you’ve heard before, but is idiosyncratic enough to feel you’re onto something new here.

With a soft yet effectively strong sound, the devil’s in the detail in regards to what makes this quintet so special. There’s softly layered guitars, calling reference to traditional Spanish playing, with vocals laying somewhere in-between Jake Bugg and Van McCann with little trickles of genius which you notice after playing the track repeatedly. You always find something new.

New Estate is the title track from Giant Rock’s debut EP, which is available now.


Review by Nathan Smith

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