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Gianna Lauren – Spark [Review]

Gianna Lauren – Spark [Review]

Spark is the new track from Gianna Lauren.

If its wonderfully crafted, laid back folk-rock you are looking for then look no further. From the first crunchy chord, you are immersed into Gianna Lauren’s world of mellow guitar riffs and angelic vocal tones. There’s an excellent balance between the minimalist arrangement and enticing sway that pulls you right in.

As well as the chilled folk-rock feel Spark exudes, there’s also an element of the increasingly popular indie-folk apparent. The lazy but meticulous groove wouldn’t be out of place in Kurt Vile’s back catalogue. It has the same memorable simplicity mixed with the exceedingly sumptuous lead guitar parts. Spark is the latest in a long line of releases and will leave you wanting more.

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