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London based four-piece Ghum release their debut music video for their shoegaze pop single ‘TV’, taken from their 2017 self-titled EP.

Ghum originate from different corners of the globe but met and formed in London over a common love of The Cure, Warpaint and PJ Harvey. Ghum played their first show in July 2016, after months of rehearsing, writing and perfecting a set of original songs. Since then, the band has played shows across London and Brighton, supporting acts like LA Witch, The Underground Youth and Horsebeach.

Their latest release ‘TV’ uses psych rock melodies and hard-hitting grunge to create a track that details a dark and complicated modern romance. Jojo the lead guitarist and director of the video, comments that, “The song is about the feeling of being so infatuated with someone that you can’t stop looking at them just like a TV – but like binge watching, this particular infatuation quickly develops into something masochistic”.

“When you’re at the height of so many emotions people tend to go through the sweet phase, the anger phase and the pure dysphoria phase. We wanted to take these emotions and culminate in a scene for each phase or feeling in the best way we know: head banging, breaking things and old TVs”.

The track does not fail to deliver such angst. The single opens with a moody, trance guitar riff that slowly builds into a heavier drum focused sound. The video visualizes this build by teasing shots of a sledgehammer, before crashing into scenes of the band smashing TVs and headbanging. Thus, the visual effects, lyrics and sound all work together in a chaotic harmony to a create a dark pop hit.

Ghum have just finished touring with the likes of Dream Wife and Doe. You can catch them live at: DIY Space for London (07/04) and The Green Door Store, Brighton (12/05).


Review by Kate Pearson

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