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Newcastle rock band Ghost//Signals release the darkly wacky music video for their explosive new single, ‘Queen of the Oxygen Thieves’

‘Queen of the Oxygen Thieves’ is the latest release from upcoming band Ghost//Signals, a charismatic group of dark-pop and post-punk musicians hailing from Newcastle. Combining some of the greatest elements of indie and pop-rock from the last thirty years or so, Ghost//Signals proudly tread in the musical footsteps of The Cure, Foo Fighters, and Bloc Party. The resulting sound is defiantly loud and heavily percussive, but still incorporates a strong melody and a determined sense of direction.

‘Queen of the Oxygen Thieves’ is a song that deals with creativity, passion, and all the associated frustrations. The track boasts powerful instrumentation, with wildly energetic electric guitar, pounding drums and earnest, post-punk vocals. Like the accompanying music video, which was filmed in both Gateshead and New York, Ghost//Signals pull from the musical traditions of both sides of the pond for this track. As such, the unique energy on ‘Queen of the Oxygen Thieves’ is difficult to define, but still packs a powerful punch.

The music video makes it clear that, like many great post-punk and indie-rock groups, Ghost//Signals refuse to take the music industry too seriously. Mocking the pretension of many professional music videos, the video for ‘Queen of the Oxygen Thieves’ see one of the band-members donning a backless dress as he walks the snowy city streets and riversides, sometimes accessorising his outfit with a deer mask and a crown. Through a combination of their explosive musical chops and their undeniable charm, Ghost//Signals could well become an unstoppable presence in the British music scene.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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