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Getaway Dogs – Keep II [Review]

Getaway Dogs – Keep II [Review]

American indie rock outfit Getaway Dogs share their new track Keep II.

Getaway Dogs bring a comforting lo-fi essence to the indie rock genre. Mellow guitar licks and dreamy vocal hooks rise and fall throughout the song, holding your attention throughout. There’s also an added vulnerability which pulls you right in from the start. It’s a wonderfully crafted track that shines through the carefully selected tones.

The links to bedroom indie rock are quite visible here. However, Getaway Dogs expand on the genre by bringing in elements of math rock to the track, best seen in the tight guitar work and time signature variations. It’s a welcome change to the fairly saturated genre, which can become stale if not evolved. This is not the case here though as Getaway Dogs use the best bits of each genre they have dipped their toes in and made it their own.

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