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Genra – Crazy [Review]

Genra – Crazy [Review]

Oakland born rapper Genra shares his impressive new track Crazy.

He’s been around music as long as he can remember, and now John Gilchrist (AKA Genra) brings another lush hip-hop track to the table. It instantly connects with you through the excellent vocal flow and lyricism. Piano melodies are added underneath, carrying the song through. There’s a mysticism created as the ominous piano tone juxtaposes with the sharp rapping style.

Crazy can be best described as a mix between Nas and Tribe Called Quest. The relentless vocal style and the low key, spacey rhythm mirrors that of the two hip-hop greats. This only adds a tantalising nostalgia to the song. Crazy is a track that you will have full admiration for, as the talent on show is quite substantial.

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