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Gene Evaro Jnr – Like It’s 1965 [Review]

Gene Evaro Jnr – Like It’s 1965 [Review]

Stylishly vivacious and suavely sultry, Gene Evaro Jnr has released a brand new track, ‘Like It’s 1965’, designed to get you moving.

There is a wonderful range of eclectic influences apparent with this cut, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact genre it follows. It is a stroke of genius as it makes the flow accessible to anyone. The closest cannon the tune belongs to is electro swing, yet there are also takings from pop, soul and electronica, creating an amalgamation of feel good vibes from start to finish. There is something that is very endearing about this song, which is perhaps created via the nostalgic feel that emanates from the summery lyrics and groove filled bass line.

Its through this funky bass that the similarities to greats like Steve Wonder burst through, whilst the vocals are made to dance sweetly around the cut, just like Prince’s finest work. This blend of funk and classy manoeuvres is what makes this tune so great to listen to, gearing you up for those summer days.

With a hotly anticipated US mini tour underway which concludes in Joshua Tree, CA, Gene Evaro Jnr is ready to showcase the energy and vibrancy this stomping tune exudes. It really makes you want to crack open a cold one with the boys and jive around to a song which will be the perfect soundtrack to your summer.


Review by Tom Crowder

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