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Gareth Inkster – Last Year [Review]

Gareth Inkster – Last Year [Review]

Up and coming Canadian pop-rocker Gareth Inkster proposes a fresh outlook on life with his debut single Last Year.

Last Year’s lyrics are brilliantly reflected in the slightly unconventional chord arrangements Gareth effortlessly changes between. Starting simply alone with an acoustic, the song builds into an undeniable foot tapper.

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario the multitalented singer songwriter has spent much of the passed six years being a session musician for other artists’ recordings. However, Gareth has finally got around to releasing his own music and Last Year is the song leading the way for his seven track album.

Gareth says he chose ‘Last Year’ as his first single as it is the most upbeat and pop-like, and although the rest of the album features more unconventional instrumentations, it still holds the same heartening essence as ‘Last Year’. The recording techniques Gareth used on some of the track are hat-tips to his favourite artists, and this paired with the songs warming nature make it the perfect choice for his debut.


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Review by Matt Fishwick
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