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Gamblers – Do I? [Review]

Gamblers – Do I? [Review]

Do I? is the latest track from the indie band Gamblers.

USA based Gamblers bring us their most recent indie-pop banger to date. Expect dreamy guitar hooks, angelic vocal melodies and killer bass lines galore. It’s not hard to see why this track resonates so well with everyone. Frontman Michael McManus is an accomplished hip-hop producer and it’s clear that this has been a key factor in making the song so great. That’s not to say the rest of the band aren’t pulling their weight. Everything from the solid bass line, shimmering guitar work and exceedingly good drumming combine wonderfully to create a masterful laidback sound.

Do I? is the latest in a number of releases, further cementing Gamblers at the top of the indie-pop bracket. It’s a track that is so likeable no matter what mood you might be feeling. It will lift you if you’re feeling down, or accentuate the good-time vibes. All you need is one listen and I promise you, you will be hooked from the start.

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