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Galapaghost – The American Dream (One Nightmare At A Time) [Review]

Galapaghost – The American Dream (One Nightmare At A Time) [Review]

This is ‘The American Dream (One Nightmare At A Time)’ from indie-rock outfit Galapaghost.

Taken from the self-released album Pulse, this fourth single produced entirely by singer-songwriter Casey Chandler, is a masterful two-part tune capturing a beat that follows the lyrics, rather than the other way around. Thoughtfulness, it seems, is more a novelty these days in music, perhaps, as mainstream tracks seem to lead with obvious hooks and safely agreed formats, followed painfully with pseudo-commercial lyrics. Whereas, The American Dream by Galagpaghost skillfully avoids the such Americana through its bitter irony.

The track’s inspiration is taken from Chandler’s disillusionment of being an American – of not feeling overly proud of being an American (we can all understand ourselves of becoming disillusioned with our countries) meanwhile all mixed up with his time spent in Europe, in Italy. That feeling of being from one place but understanding another. The mixing of two parts in The American Dream is not just about two tracks being seamlessly intertwined, but it’s very clearly about the mixing of ideas and becoming aware of other peoples, their cultures and their beliefs. A combination of Americana Indie, with a more pan European feeling of enlightenment.


Review by Craig Beauman

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