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Galapaghost – Bedtime [Review]

Galapaghost – Bedtime [Review]

Galapaghost’s latest track ‘Bedtime’ is the second release from his upcoming album Sootie, which is entirely electronic, and features a collection of tracks composed using his synth keyboard.

The opening sets the tone for the track and lays down the impression that this song is entirely electronic, with the introduction sounding dramatic, as if you’re about to be taken into a different world.  The style sounds created are futuristic, and provide a dystopian impression of the backing sound.

This track has a fairly steady rhythm that remains throughout, teaming the dulcet synth tones and sound effects with intriguing vocals.  Galapaghost says that this album was inspired by his childhood, with Sootie being his nickname, and the lyrics themselves combined with the vocal styling create a sense of reflection and innocence, whilst sounding slightly melancholic at times.

Electronic music isn’t always a forefront of the popular music scene, but the way Galapaghost brings it to life shows what wonderful sounds can be created.  Enjoy this track when you’re wanting to unwind, and let it take you away from everyday hassles, where you will this appreciate this musical effect to its full potential.


Review by Helen Radford

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