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Gabrielle Shonk’s latest release ‘Raindrops’ is a classic example of a track which is simple, delicate, and above all, lyrically relatable.

The video is set in the Californian desert, which is ironic given the song title.  The artist’s message through the song is one of feeling lost, and that feeling that everyone has experienced in life, when you know the decision you need to make, but it’s not the easiest one.  “I can’t seem to decide if I stay or if I go” kicks off the chorus, reiterating the feeling of knowing deep down time is up, but your heart not letting you off yet.

The track opens with base chords from a piano, laced with a synth style melody over them.  Gabrielle’s beautifully soulful voice is deep and heartfelt, and you can tell she is singing straight from her heart to yours.  The tempo picks up through the chorus, and her vocals become stronger, allowing us to feel her frustration.  A gentle percussion accompanies the instruments throughout, which is subtle yet really adds to the piece.

The track has elements of acoustic, soul and blues, and showcases Gabrielle’s talent not only as a singer, but wonderful songwriter too.


Review by Helen Radford

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