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Gabrielle Ornate – Rewrite the Rules [Review]

Gabrielle Ornate – Rewrite the Rules [Review]

Gabrielle Ornate shares her latest track Rewrite The Rules.

Following on from her previous release, Waiting to be Found, Gabrielle Ornate yet again remains true to her sound with another impassioned tune. This is an artist that is remaining true to her unique aesthetic. Rewrite The Rules still has the same 80s infused pop-rock feel her previous release had, with a little added umpf this time.

That’s not to discredit Waiting to be Found, they are two songs with differing feelings that Ornate wants you to experience. Rewrite The Rules is all about the empowerment that comes with putting an end to a toxic relationship. The powerful guitar hooks and bold vocal lines mirror this theme flawlessly. All in all, this is a track you won’t want to miss.

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