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Fuller French – I’ll Leave a Key by the Door [Review]

Fuller French – I’ll Leave a Key by the Door [Review]

Fuller French’s intimate song I’ll Leave a Key by the Door features the story of a hopeless romantic’s fantasy to rekindle intimacy with a lover from the past.

French’s passionate feelings are expressed in the heart-warming and emotional song, on which he mentions ‘leaving a key by the door’ as an entrance to love. This single comes off of his newly released 2019 EP “Champagne Rendezvous.” Songs from the EP, including It’s Just the Way Things Are and Different Shores create a romantic seaside atmosphere to the full musical masterpiece that is this latest album.

Cassandra Denver, former wife of John Denver, and French’s one-time neighbor contributed to the writing of this song. “She came over one day and asked what I was working on. So, I took her to my little home studio to play a few things. She liked all of it – I think – but when I started to play the music for I’ll Leave a Key by the Door she lit up and started singing singing in a very natural way, ‘Won’t you let me in, come on baby we could just be friends.’ It was brilliant, and after a little vino, we laughed about the sly nature of it.”

Recorded at Capitol Studio, the song gives off an inviting vibe that listeners thirst to experience. French’s vocals drip with the essence of smooth swagger to perfectly matched instrumentals. I’ll Leave a Key by the Door is the perfect tongue-in-cheek song for lovers everywhere.

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