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Fuller French – Champagne Rendezvous [Review]

Fuller French – Champagne Rendezvous [Review]

‘Champagne Rendezvous’ is the sultry new release from Fuller French.

This ultra-smooth track is dripping with elegant swagger, conveying an easy-listening style sound guarantee to be the perfect addition to all of your chill playlists. Twinges of George Michael, Elton John and other classic songwriters come across Fuller’s sound. And the overt French influences are far from subtle, creating an enchanting atmosphere and cool Parisian soundscape.

This is a love song at it’s heart. Reminiscent of heady days, romantic affairs and champagne rendezvous. Fuller French carries the air of Sinatra-esque glamour and confidence that sparkles through his coy glances and elegant piano play. His lyrics convey the essence of love in a poetic glimpse into that which we all long for. His cool and collected swagger, a by-product of a life of diverse pursuits within and outside of the music industry, adds to the je ne sais quoi that leaves listeners hanging on for more.

Champagne Rendezvous is the title track from Fuller French latest album. Listen to the whole thing below.


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