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French Alps Tiger – Let Me Down [Review]

French Alps Tiger – Let Me Down [Review]

Let Me Down is the latest record from indie quartet French Alps Tiger.

French Alps Tiger invite you into their dreamy world of delicately layered guitar hooks and raw vocal melodies. Let Me Down has the carefree atmosphere any great indie song would have, but they shower the track in echo-drenched sounds to give it a mellow boldness. It’s this mix of wavy guitar tones and lo-fi vocal patterns that sets this tune apart from the rest.

They are Pixies meet King Krule, combining the best of both to create something memorable and inspiring. It’s a fantastically impressive track from the band from South Wales, as they have managed to steer their sound to create a nostalgic soup with sprinkles of contemporary musings. I’m sure that once you have a listen, you won’t be putting this one down in a while.

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