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Freddie Bourne – Vulnerable Commercialism [Review]

Freddie Bourne – Vulnerable Commercialism [Review]

Vulnerable Commercialism is the new 4-track EP from singer-songwriter Freddie Bourne. You can hear the live version of the project on YouTube below.

This is a raw, unplugged journey into the Freddie’s soul, tackling all-too relatable subjects with honest lyrics and soaring vocals. Accompanied by nothing but gentle piano lines, it’s the voice that really does the work on this one. And there’s no denying the power and sincerity on show as every lyric is delivered.

Each track on Vulnerable Commercialism is a heartfelt ballad and, in keeping with it’s title, there’s a fascinating vulnerability to Freddie’s music. In his own words, it speaks of  first loves, anxiety and stigma with medication, observing people in public and trying to get a better scope about what is happening behind their eyes, and the aftermath of sensitive subjects.

The EP was recorded in a live fashion with a live audience in a small, private venue with dialogue for context purposes to the audience and the listeners. Hear it in full below.

Summers in Jaxson (Live)

Maybe We Can Get Some Coffee Instead? (Live)

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