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Frances Gein – Kiss The Sky [Review]

Frances Gein – Kiss The Sky [Review]

Kiss The Sky is the new track from Frances Gein.

Whether it’s the meandering rhythm guitar, or wandering vocal style that you notice first, it’s clear Frances has brought a fresh take on 90s grunge. Tonally, the guitar riffs are similar to Nirvana as the scratchy distortion creates a dense haze throughout. There’s also a swirling feel to the track that you also get with the great 90s grunge icons.

You also get a slight pop-like sensibility from the Dundee born singer-songwriter. Frances describes the sound as having the attitude of Madonna and it doesn’t take long for you to see it. There’s a real boldness that seeps through here. Even though the track is a grunge banger, it is totally accessible, meaning anyone who comes across it is bound to like it.

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