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New York based band The Foxfires are back with the video for their new single, ‘Don’t Give Up.’

Their new single ‘Don’t Give Up’ is very much in keeping with the style of their previous album Reawakening. The track has a surf rock vibe and it reminded me of Circa Waves ‘T-shirt Weather’. Although the song has an upbeat melody, it is a really chilled out tune that would be perfect to listen to on a lazy summer’s day.

However, despite the track’s cool and relaxing sound, the meaning behind the song is extremely important. The Foxfire boys have said that the track is an anti-suicide song that they produced in order to combat the rising number of suicide cases. The band also mentioned that video for the track ‘is a call to arms to anyone who feels like life isn’t worth living to stay the course.’

In the video the guys perform the song in-front of a plethora of hand written signs that say: ‘family and loved ones’, ‘my mother’, ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and ‘retrieving yourself.’ These signs evidently aim to remind anyone who may be feeling suicidal about the love and positivity that they have in their life.. This track is another great song by the foxfire boys, not only is the surf melody really catchy but the positive message behind the song also makes it extremely thought provoking.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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