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We’ve got an exclusive first watch of Fortune’s Folly ‘Wouldn’t Make You Mine’ music video, and we’re excited to share it with you.

The four piece band is an indie delight. ‘Wouldn’t Make You Mine’ is confident and catchy.

It starts with a bass with light percussion then a shredding guitar and soon the strong guitar rhythms and vocals begin. Those vocals have definite Debbie Harry vibes. In fact, the whole band has a Blondie vibe and we love it.

The video tells a story as compelling as the music. It was made with so much heart and you can tell the care that went into every shot and scene

Fortune’s Folly is from Eugene, Oregon, and their community is incredibly important to them. In fact the band’s fans and friends – the Follyfam – helped make ‘Wouldn’t Make You Mine. They did everything from acting, set design, make-up artists, and were a part of the film crew.

This sums up what Fortune’s Folly is all about. They want to create a community through music and performance. We’re happy to be part of the FollyFam by sharing this latest creation and we hope you want to be part of it, too.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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