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‘Whisper in Blue’ is the new one from pop-rock outfit Former Faces

Taken from the band’s debut album Foreign Nature, which is out in late April, Whisper in Blue is an alternative indie escape, floating through breezy verses into an inescapably infectious chorus.

There’s a dreamy, laid-back quality to the track, which features a blend of calm yet colourful vocals set against a reflective and laissez-faire but deeply engaging instrumental.

The awesomely animated and somewhat trippy accompanying video is also well worth your time. Check it out above if you haven’t already.

Speaking about the track, Former Faces’ vocalist Ryan Parmentr says:

“The lyrics of Whisper in Blue contemplate the way that colours can correspond to our emotional experience and to the passing of time. Drunkenly dancing with synaesthesia, there is an interplay of harmony and hue, of timbre and transparency, and of rhythm with the brushstroke’s rise. What we are left with is not a profound insight to an emotional secret, but rather a relaxed intuition that perhaps our senses aren’t as separate as they seem.”

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