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Foresteater – Pretend Land [Review]

Foresteater – Pretend Land [Review]

On “Pretend Land”, Foresteater’s Mikey Pro brings out his inner Holden Caulfield to rail against the faux-sincerity of American Politics.

The sunshine-laden production and dreamy, psychedelic soundscapes of the track stand in contrast to the sharp lucidity of the lyrics; a thinly veiled attack on the current state of American society and that bloke who lives in the white house. The nature of dream pop often lends itself well to escapism, a way to switch off and sink uncaringly into a stupor of reverb and jangly chimes. What this track shows, however, is that in times of such turmoil and uncertainty, it becomes ever harder to drown out the sense of despondency and anger that sits always in the back of the mind.

But this is certaintly not a track steeped in doom and gloom, with the band tempering the justifiably cynical lyrics with brilliant moments of pop sensibility, including the direct and super-catchy chorus which is guaranteed to draw a smile on to listeners faces.

Ultimately, Foresteater show that, even in times which seem frustratingly hopeless, that should never stop you from making noise and have some fun.

Review by Jamie George

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