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Foresteater – Avalanche [Review]

Foresteater – Avalanche [Review]

Here’s the new dream-rock track from Phoenix-based indie-psych outfit Foresteater.

Avalanche is spaced-out indie trip of a track, bringing together alternative, experimental and grunge-punk genres. The falsetto-style vocals take Avalanche to a higher dimension, in keeping with the song’s psychedelic tones.

We can detect hints of Tame Impala in the band’s sound, mixing a melange of high and low frequencies which arrive via driving bass and twanging guitars, complementing each other well as the track shuffles through verses into a memorable chorus.

Foresteater is the pseudonym and live band of singer-songwriter Mikey Pro, who says he started the group 2015 after having a dream about a band playing on an island in outer space, surrounded by electric rainbows; a fitting visual representation of their unique and kaleidoscopic sound!


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