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Fontaine – Dagger [Review]

Fontaine – Dagger [Review]

Introducing Fontaine, a brand new trio from Boston, Massachusetts, with their evocative debut release, Dagger.

A track that has excellent poise and a fantastic slither of rawness, Dagger creates a brooding feeling that pours out from the tender middle inside you. The plinky, yet protruding guitar tone and poignant vocals build the song up, mesmerising and soulful, accompanied by smart use of drums. The only other instrument that’s involved is a low lying bassline, which makes the eventual wall of sound particularly impressive.

Mumford and Son’s are the obvious influence with this track, showcased by the solid, familiarly jaunty vocal style. I would also be inclined to suggest that there are aspects of ‘Many of Honor’ era Biffy Clyro, expressed through the changing technique of the guitar work and overall progressive structure of the song. The folk and alt-rock blend in ‘Dagger’, is masterfully connected, giving a real sense that you are listening to the love child of these two giants of their respective genres. This is not to take anything away from the boys from Boston, as there is a coy uniqueness to the cut which sets them apart.

Although there is no set release for any other material, there are 6 other mastered studio tracks waiting in the wings, which cant be too far away from gracing our ears. It’s easy to see that Fontaine are a band that are brimming with confidence, and rightly so, with 2018 shaping up to be an exciting year for them.


Review by Tom Crowder

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