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Flyte – Buyers Club [Gig Review]

A packed out Buyers Club welcomed Flyte with open arms in Liverpool on Wednesday night and we didn’t fall short of an absolutely magical experience. The harmonious quartet exhibited their incredible debut record in a way which not only proved that authentic alternative bands do still exist, but that sometimes all you need is a silent venue paired with the beautiful harmonies of four incredibly talent Londoners covering Always to leave a crowd stunned.

In true Flyte fashion, they didn’t come alone – they brought two local bands with them to support their heavenly headline. The first being TV ME, a promising trio full of eclectic sounds with a melancholic atmosphere infused with a drum machine and multi-instrumentalists (yes, we did see a wooden frog at one point). Single‘Peppercorn Boy’ was our favourite tune of the set and they kicked off the wonderful evening with an enjoyable performance.

TV ME -- A three-piece project led by Thomas McConnell with tracks inspired by childhood, Playstations, memories of old computers and regurgitated pop culture.

The main support was current scouse favourites, SPINN – a four piece indie outfit full of guitar driven bedroom sounds. We found the lead singer very endearing, partnered with the well strung, yet rough around the edges set – including hit singles ‘Home’ and ‘Notice Me’. It was a case of some classic indie bopping to get the crowd excited for what was about to be 45 minutes of pure bliss.

Spinn- Lads from Liverpool, connoisseurs of Jangly Dream Pop.

It was time. Flyte kicked things off with ‘Victoria Falls’ which was full of incredible riffs, catchy hook and cuddly guitar tones. In fact, we were treated with a vast majority of ‘The Loved Ones’ which exhaled it’s brilliance to each and every ear in the venue, as well as old favourite such as ‘Closer Together’ and unreleased beauty ‘Harley Street’. The on point harmonies and tight arrangements just took every element of their performance to the next level. Highlights from the set would have to be ‘Little White Lies’, a brilliant rendition of ‘Cathy Come Home’ and a very special, intimate performance of ‘Faithless’ in the centre of the crowd to conclude the evening.

Flyte - Faithless [Live Clip, Buyers Club, Liverpool]

Check out more from Flyte, Spinn & TV ME on their socials below, and follow our Fresh Finds playlist for more awesome tunes!



Review by Shannon Carragher 
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