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FKA 059 – 21 [Review]

FKA 059 – 21 [Review]

Sometimes the best time for new music to be created is in the wake of a difficult experience. This rings true for Russian-Italian hip-hop artist FKA 059, who created his EP ‘21’ after emerging from what he describes as one of his most difficult times.

Although he was born in Russia, he raps and sings in Italian, and like most music language is no barrier here. The emotion he seeks to portray comes through both in his flow and his production.

This EP is not FKA 059’s first rodeo. He began making music at the age of 18, where he shined in the genre of lo-fi, racking up over 38 million streams under the alias ‘o k h o’. His lo-fi influences shine through on this project, with producer Marcus Basquiat’s equally dreamy and eerie beats being the backdrop to FKA 059’s honest lyricism.

Fans of artists in the realm of Future and Travis Scott would enjoy this EP for it’s consistent 808’s and dynamic use of tempo in order to make the tracks original. It is clear by the similarity between the tracks that FKA 059 has found a formula that suits him very well in terms of flow, production, and tempo.


Review by Tymie Jadagu

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