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The Fine Lines – Technicolor Summer [Review]

The Fine Lines – Technicolor Summer [Review]

Technicolor Summer is awesome new track from indie-rockers The Fine Lines.

This track has a wonderfully light and airy tone. The first three minutes or so feel like the perfect accompaniment to a day sat in the summer breeze with a cider. Gentle, rasping vocals glide along aside subtle twinkling guitar riff, while the rhythm section swings gracefully behind, giving the track the depth it needs.

Verse and chorus fall into each other gracefully. In fact, I was pulled in by this song from the very first line of the verse, and as the track’s structure unfolded, it only drew me in further. There’s a really endearing quality to the vocal lines on this one, lying in a unique zone somewhere between melancholy and bliss.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the change of rhythm toward the end of the song. For me, it’s unpredictability and surprises like this that separate good tracks from great ones. And this is a great one.


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