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Fine Lines – Floating / Stranger [Review]

Fine Lines – Floating / Stranger [Review]

Nascent Nashville garage-rockers Fine Lines have dropped a double A-side, featuring two new tracks ‘Floating’ and ‘Stranger’.


Fine Lines - Floating (Audio)


The first track, ‘Floating’, shares a cinematic and vibrant memory of the exhilaration and vitality of a new love that is fading to the inevitable erosion of time. Bolstered by distorted-tremolo guitars, this song provides an uplifting, and yet ambivalent, emotional tone that feels like the early, earnest years of the Smashing Pumpkins.


Fine Lines - Stranger (Audio)


The reverse-side single, ‘Stranger’, is a stark contrast to the ethereal, quavering of ‘Floating’. ‘Stranger’ snarls, honks and slams with a fast-driving, swing that is inescapably labelled as a “barn-burner”. While the sonic territory is familiar, this track’s lyrics provide a unique insight into the animus, hostility and paranoid-curiosity of the neighbours next door.

Fine Lines capture the spirit of American garage-rock. Shuffling through verse and chorus with rasping vocals and seemingly signature sleazy guitar lines, while crooked melodies drag you along for the ride.


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