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‘Brendan Rodgers’ is the debut single from Belfast-based rock band Ferals, released by Zool Records.

The band started as four friends – Shane McMullan, Daniel Coyles, Jack Stewart and Sam Foote – making music in an attic every week before deciding to up the ante by writing their own songs. The band utilise rhythmic guitar riffs and overlapping melodies as an integral part of their sound, generating comparisons to artists such as Biffy Clyro, Green Day and Queens of the Stone Age.

Naming a song after a football manager is a novel choice from the Irish rock band, but to their credit the title injects the track with a sense of character and doesn’t define it in any discernible way. There’s a comedic undertone to the song because of its unconventional title, but this is offset by the song’s undoubtable energy and atmosphere.

The official video was clearly created on a low budget but it boasts a variety of shots and demonstrates the chemistry that the group share. It focuses mainly on the band as they do their thing, possessing a raw quality which complements their identity as a foursome of friends who are just starting out in music.

‘Brendan Rodgers’ is a strong showing from Ferals, establishing their rough around the edges style and conveying their passion for what they do.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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