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Favor – Way Too Soon [Review]

Favor – Way Too Soon [Review]

Danish Pop artist Favor has shared his uplifting new single ‘Way Too Soon’.

Following the recent success of Favor’s second EP ‘404, Friends and Lovers’, the Danish singer (AKA Jepper Gade) has released the driving new indie-pop triumph ‘Way Too Soon’. It has an upliftingly propelled drum beat and nostalgic analogue synth sounds reminiscent of all the great 80’s pop ballads. The layers of keys provide the soundscape bed on which Favor’s delicately earnest vocals rest so nicely upon.

Jeppe explained to us that the creation of his latest music has been in tandem with the lyrical narrative of ‘Way Too Soon’. “I find myself in a very creative period where the songs and melodies just keep flowing and I don’t want to overthink everything.”

The creative process is flowing so naturally that he reacts to his instincts more than rationality, just as the protagonist in the lyrics can’t help but speak up about their emotions ‘way too soon’. Whether instinctive or rational, Favor is ticking every box with this latest track.

After hearing this tune, it is no surprise to hear that Favor has been attracting the big Spotify tastemaker playlists such as ‘Fresh Finds’. Favor’s new single will burrow straight into your soul and leave you with a wholesome glow of synth-infused elation.

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