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Gloomy, musing and empiric. Faradays, the daydreaming Dutch band have dropped their newest single ‘Real.’

The song has an indie, electronic style embellished with Karindra Perrier’s despondent vocals. Perrier, the bands vocalists has always been amazed with time, light, people, the world and the universe. Therefore, it is not surprising that her experimental music style embodies an existential and pensive vibe.

The debut of the single ‘Real’ has taken the music scene by storm as the band got a national airplay in the Netherlands and featured on Spotify’s New alternative and Deezer’s indie/electronic top NL. Currently placed in the top twelve new talents to watch out for, I can’t wait for what the band have in store for the future.  Faradays are definitely a band to watch out for.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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