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Famous Letter Writer – Get Out [Review]

Famous Letter Writer – Get Out [Review]

New York based duo Famous Letter Writer release their new track Get Out.

Famous Letter Writer - Get Out (Official Video)

From the minds of M.I. Devine and Ru Devine, comes a full-throttled indie-pop banger that’s so full of beans you are left awestruck. Everything about this track is fantastic. If its ethereal synth layers or punchy punk-infused vocals that you’re in to, then Get Out is the one for you. It’s incredibly catchy, with the ebb and flow of the track inviting you to share this incredible ride.

There’s an atmosphere of Arcade Fire here, brought on by the bold peaks, and semi minimalistic troughs. There’s a devil may care attitude throughout, which taps into the days of The Velvet Underground. The vibe is sometimes brash, but at the same time vulnerable, keeping you on the edge with a warm blanket to comfort you. Get Out is a song not to be missed and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more.

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