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False Heads – Retina [Review]

False Heads – Retina [Review]

Here’s ‘Retina’, the guitar driven new single from the incendiary Essex trio False Heads.

Guitar bands don’t really work nowadays. Or do they? If you ignore the 70s hiatus – Clash, Pistols, SLF etc, in the 90s and early 00s such bands sang middle-class boredom rather than working class nihilistic angst. The latter outfits killed off interest in any six-string until, and definitely maybe you listen to the False Head’s Retina. While there may be a Mick Jones cross-over in supporting the Libertines, False Heads are reluctant to slow to 00s crass indulgence. Certainly, with this track anyway.

Musically complete, the quick tempo, heavy riff chord combo crosses Iggy Pop’s Search and Destroy with anything Anthrax could chuck out on a good day. Among the Living springs to mind, just a little, and in a good way. If you’re a three-piece devotee, then heads (Fender heads) up you’re going to need to listen to this.

From the great geographical band producing East London, the band certainly has the appeal and the impetus to entertain. Check out the radio and they’re there somewhere. They gig too, extensively. And, with a broad, and original back catalogue, you can guarantee Retina will be track one on a live playlist, or definitely the encore.


Review by Craig Beauman

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