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Faded Shades — Chasing Your Love [Review]

Faded Shades — Chasing Your Love [Review]

Faded Shades have released their newest single ‘Chasing Your Love.’ And yes, the track sounds as cool as the band looks.

Departing from the recording style of their 2018 album, which was recorded in a home studio, the Kent-based alt-rock trio made up of Joe on vocals and guitar, Liam on bass, and Charlie on drums, opted for a professional recording studio for a more refined sound — and it paid off.

The vocals are strong and lucid; each instrumental track is purely supplemental to the overall sentiment of the track itself. The result is a track that flawlessly blends together to create a solid four minutes of unique rock. Abstract guitar tunes subside into an ephemeral bridge made sturdy by constant ambling drums.

‘Chasing Your Love’ is a solid follow-up from their standout releases from the previous year, and with it being October, they sure made fans practice patience.

Londoners lucky enough to frequent the South East music scene will get a glimpse of this refreshing take on modern rock. Fans of the Arctic Monkeys will find a friend in Faded Shades, but something tells me so will thousands of other music lovers across the globe.


By Madison Obermeyer

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