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Facing West – Messed Up Masterpiece [Review]

Facing West – Messed Up Masterpiece [Review]

Singing sister duo Facing West bring us a huge number with their single ‘Messed Up Masterpiece’.

From Colorado, these two already have a huge buzz around them, and are definitely destined to go far.  A hybrid between a girl band and rock duo, they deliver a huge sound and a powerful message.

Featuring strong drum beats and backing claps throughout that enable the vocals to be projected over them, this track exonerates power and fierceness.  The backing beats are teamed with strong vocals from the two lead signers, with their voices harmonising together creating a beautiful pairing.  The verses in-between the chorus are slower, portraying a gentle sound before the tempo creeps up leading to an epic chorus.

With lyrics such as ‘Mama said I’m a messed up masterpiece’ and ‘you’re going to get beat up along the way’ this song is the voice of the younger generation and struggles they face. With an almost primal sound, this track will hook you from the start, and have you feeling the energy that this track was written with.


Review by Helen Radford

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