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Eve Adams – Blues Look The Same [Review]

Eve Adams – Blues Look The Same [Review]

Blues Look The Same is the first single from Eve Adams’ latest album, Metal Bird.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point for Adams. In 2018 she experienced a great loss in her life, which has shaped her tender and honest style of songwriting. Blues Look The Same is a cathartic tune, filled with a sublime, lullaby-esque charm. Its minimalist essence is emotionally smart and lingers with you long after the tune is finished.

There’s no doubting Adams’ talent for songwriting here. Her sweet-sounding vocals and strong imagery are in fine balance – you can’t help but listen to her telling you her story. The track has a raw folk essence, complemented by subtle country nuances, which creates another superb dimension. Overall, Blues Look The Same is the perfect track to put on when you just want to sink into some music and have your few minutes of daily escapism.

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