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Singer/songwriter Evangelia drops an enchanting video for her latest release ‘Digital Age’, a pop anthem for the iGeneration.

Evangelia is an upcoming singer/songwriter who combines a wide variety of influences to craft authentic indie-pop music with a purpose. ‘Digital Age’ sees the New Jersey native join forces with the talented producer Jonathan Buschema of KNGDAVD, to deliver a track that finds beauty in simplicity.

Like contemporaries Melanie Martinez, Sia, and Lorde, Evangelia follows in the tradition of Lily Allen by using a sweet pop melody to frame some of the heavier issues facing modern society. The sentimental lyrics balance a love story with a commentary on the adverse effects of technology in today’s world. The smooth beat is based around a simple acoustic guitar idea, while the recurring trumpet line gives the track a gorgeous jazz edge that adds a timeless element to Evangelia’s sound.

The track’s beautiful music video was created by Piripinghi, and uses stop motion animation to creatively express how living life through a screen distracts people from really experiencing what’s in front of them. Throughout the video, a hand swipes through colourful photos on various social media platforms, including a Tinder-esque app cleverly entitled ‘Illusion.’ The final shot sees the phone screen turn blank, urging people to avoid constantly comparing their lives to photos on a screen, and to choose instead to live in the moment.

‘Digital Age’ is a gem of a song, and spells a bright future for Evangelia, whose thoughtful and clever brand of pop music is timely and valuable in the world of today.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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