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Estrons – Lilac [Review]

Estrons – Lilac [Review]

Estrons go hard and heavy on their infectious new single, ‘Lilac’

Steadily growing and developing over the last number of years, Estrons have come out swinging on their latest release, ‘Lilac’, a rousing, energetic track of wild and raw emotion. The Welsh group’s sound combines pop, rock, punk and garage, yet also defies convention in its pursuit of authenticity.

‘Lilac’ is a relatively short track, standing at only a little over 2 and a half minutes. In that time however, Estrons deliver a song that is devastatingly explosive. The opening is purposefully unsettling, building a blistering tension that gives some idea of what’s in store. The lyrics tell the dark story of a young girl being pursued by a predatory man. Rather than treating its protagonist as a pitiful victim, or turning the song into a morality tale, however, Estrons give real edge and attitude to the story.

Powerfully cutting electric guitar ideas and a driving drum-kit frame the song, while Tali Källström’s lead vocals, with her biting delivery, take centre stage. Essentially, ‘Lilac’ is an extremely timely anthem for anyone who’s ever felt hopeless, helpless and exploited. The energetic, triumphant nature of the song serves to empower girls who have been in similar situations: ‘I saw you crying in the rising sun / Now I can see I’m not the only one.’

Powerful social commentary aside, ‘Lilacs’ is a gloriously addictive track, the likes of which don’t come around very often.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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