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For Esmé – Doubtmouth [Review]

For Esmé – Doubtmouth [Review]

For Esmé have released the lead track, “Doubtmouth” from their upcoming album, ‘Righteous Woman’ which is set for release on May 25, 2018.

For Esmé - Doubtmouth

“Doubtmouth” was inspired by front woman Martha Meredith’s professional experiences as a woman working alongside all male teams. Repeatedly she felt if she spoke the same way as the men she was labeled “too combative” and “too confident” even though those qualities earned her the positions in the first place.

Martha found in psych studies that men and women that promote the exact same opinion assertively to a group (word for word), subjects overwhelmingly shift their opinions to agree with the man when he speaks, and are more likely to push against and oppose the same view if it comes from a woman, and could apply this to her own life, “It was a relief to discover this wasn’t in my head.”

Doubtmouth starts with a powerful electric beat, and is soon joined with powerful and confident lyrics pour out. This song is part of movement and says what woman have been wanting to say for years. With lyrics like “Too bright a light to be dimming myself down for you, too bright a bitch to be dumbing myself down for you”  this song empowers women and is definitely worth a listen.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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