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Singer-songwriter Emma McGrath crafts a gorgeous, cutting ode to individuality and the complications of friendship on ‘Butterfly’

‘Butterfly’ is the latest single off 18-year-old Londoner Emma McGrath’s new EP, ‘Silent Minds.’ As a recent recipient of the PRS for Music Foundation’s Women Make Music grant, McGrath is already being touted as an upcoming musician worthy of our attention. While fairly young in years, McGrath expresses some seriously mature song-writing sensibilities on ‘Butterfly.’ Dealing with the depth and nuances of the ups and downs of friendship, as well as the weight of moral choices, McGrath’s lyrics are universally relatable yet radiantly personal and unique.

There is an enchanting vulnerability in Emma McGrath’s voice that brings to mind the tender folk-inspired musings of Irish singer-songwriter SOAK, as well as the early work of Ben Howard. That being said, McGrath also has an endearing pop quality to her sound that is sure to carry her to widespread attention.

The version of ‘Butterfly’ recorded live at Urchin Studios is definitely worth a listen. This stripped back approach allows the raw talent to shine. While the central focus here is definitely McGrath’s vocals and lyrics, her band adds a refreshing extra dimension to the sound, giving it a gentle indie-rock edge. All in all, ‘Butterfly’ marks Emma McGrath as an upcoming artist set to make serious waves on the indie-pop/singer-songwriter scene.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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