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Emily Silver – Feel the Flames [Review]

Emily Silver – Feel the Flames [Review]

Emily Silver shares her latest track Feel the Flames.

This is one of those tracks that is designed to be played in clubs. It has everything you could want in a stand out pop track. The vocals are fantastically robust and ooze confidence, and the synth tones are well worked and remain catchy throughout. Feel the Flames is definitely one of the essentials to stick on now that the summer has properly taken over.

It’s no surprise that Emily has P!nk listed as one of her main influences. In Feel the Flames, you have the same raw energy and charisma that the American icon possesses. You also have flutterings of Lady Gaga in this one too, as the punchy chorus hits you, forcing you to raise your hands up in the air and sway along. Feel the Flames is one not to be missed!

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