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Eluozo ft. Rapping Kat – One in a Million (Remix) [Review]

Eluozo ft. Rapping Kat – One in a Million (Remix) [Review]

Eluozo has teamed up with Rapping Kat in his new track One in a Millon (Remix).

This is a track that is designed to get you moving right from the start. The infectious groove is carefully constructed to make you sway and the vocal performances bring emphasis to the groove. There’s a celebration of love throughout this track, as the Afro-pop melody gives it life and the honest vocals force you to take it all in.

The production here is second to none. Eluozo & co have the canny ability to make a song that works for everyone. It’s perfect if you want to laze about and enjoy the sun, or if you want a tune that just makes you smile from ear to ear. One in a Million (Remix) is out now for you to enjoy.

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