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Ellie Schmidly – Where to Begin [Review]

Ellie Schmidly – Where to Begin [Review]

Fresh new singer, songwriter Ellie Schmidly has set foot in the music scene with her first single ‘Where to Begin’ from her soon to be released EP ‘Blossom and Bone’.

It seems like a fitting song to be released as her first from the new EP. With delicate and warming vocals and mellow but impressive melodies, Schmidly expresses anticipation of the future ahead but also fear of stepping into the unknown, unsure of how to start her journey. The lyrics are poignant and the emotions she conveys through them are palpable; it really is clear that Schmidly’s music comes truly from within her as a form of expression with a personal touch, allowing everyone to relate to it.

The elements of blues and jazz, accompanied by some classic indie-pop vibes makes Schmidly’s music stand out from the crowd. This track is a pleasure to listen to and I’m sure music of the same brilliant quality can be anticipated from her new EP, set to release in May!


Review by Sian Vadher

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