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Elijah Kusel – Girlish [Review]

Elijah Kusel – Girlish [Review]

Elijah Kusel brings his brand of funky bedroom pop to the table with his latest track Girlish.

Following on from Kusel’s previous two releases, Always (Love Blind) & Flowers, Girlish is the 3rd track to be released in 12 months. The track has a distinctive essence throughout. Its core is filled with a floaty, dreamlike flow and psychedelic nuances that are designed to whet your appetite. This fluid mix is in perfect balance as the psychedelic uniqueness catches your eye through the memorable pop-inspired hooks.

You get the sense that Girlish could be the lovechild of Mac Demarco and Daft Punk. The twee chord progressions and vocal melody are excellently fused with nu-disco rhythms. You’re guaranteed to lose yourself in the sheer musical soupiness. Everything about this track is as smooth as you can get and will fit into anyone’s playlists, no matter what style of music you’re into.

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