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Eli Gauden – Cottonheart [Review]

Eli Gauden – Cottonheart [Review]

Old-time guitar and open tuning, put in a semi-electronic landscape is what creates the tense yet relaxing atmosphere of Eli’s new single ’Cottonheart’.

Eli Gauden has an appetite for honesty and uses this song to put words to vulnerability and shaded sides of life.

Speaking about the track, Eli says: “An evening in October when I laid soaked in tears, I picture a small and lonely cotton-ball standing on a wide-open field in a land with 4 seasons every day.And I thought:That’s what I am: ‘I’m fake.A façade. I’m doll with a cotton-heart’, and within 5 minutes I had written the two verses of Cottonheart.”

Eli Gauden picked up Americana during her studies in US. Back in Norway she slides nicely into the newly established «Nordicana» scene. She’s influenced by artstis such as Gillian Wlech, Eva Cassidy, Robert Johnson and John Mayer. From heartbreaking ballads to playful delta- blues; the expression varies, yet, Eli’s soft touch on life and honesty stand the same and is what makes Eli an artist worth noticing.

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